Hi team,

It’s been a few weeks which is part of the inspiration for writing this blog.

I’m out, for now. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved keeping a journal (of sorts) but it’s been a little awkward because I’m not that comfy sharing EVERYTHING with you.

A few super nice people have said they’ve gotten a kick out of reading my random posts but inwardly I cringe with embarrassment as, if I actually wrote with readers in mind, I wouldn’t dream of sharing most of the info I’ve plastered on here.

There’s the conundrum, filter my thoughts for the sake of my pride or blurt everything out and potentially sound like a massive weirdo (regardless of what all the nice people have said).

So, for now, I’m bowing out and will stick to just inundating you all with pics of my nephew on Facebook!


I won’t say sign off because chances are I’ll be back but in the meantime, I HUGE thank you for the lovely comments, ‘likes’, and taking a couple of minutes out of your day to tune in.

Happy sharing!


Hot breakkie topic…online or out?

Hot topic of breakfast chat in the kitchen at work…

Q. What’s safer, meeting someone online or out at a bar?

A. Meeting someone online is AT LEAST as safe, if not more so (general consensus).

Why? Because you’ve put your online crush through the the hard yards i.e. typing a stack of emails or answering a billion stupid questions (What do you look for in an ideal partner?) BEFORE the physical stuff cranks up.

Meeting someone at a bar often involves a) a heap of alcohol b) well-meaning friends trying to set you up and c) beer/wine/spirit goggles.

Love a drink, love my friends, NEVER love wearing the goggles and waking up without them is the pits! Your bar buddy really could be an axe murderer for all you know and while your online friend could also be hiding bodies, as least you’re already clued up on their interests, likes/dislikes, career and “where they see themselves in five years time” before you pucker up.

I know SOOOOO many people who’ve met the love of their life on the internet, tied the knot and now have little tots running around to show for it. I also know a stack of friends who’ve met their partner during a random night out but the numbers on this side of the ledger seem to be shrinking.

So, if you were eating your weeties over the work kitchen bench with us, what would you add to the convo? Yay or nay for jumping online and is it now the way to go when it comes to finding a lover (in the non-prostitute/escort sense)?

Happy sharing!

Is the mo a no-no?

The secret to thicker hair lies in windscreen cleaner.

Felfie, taking a pic of yourself with a farm animal and posting it on Instagram, is the newest social media craze.

Married couples without kids are happier than those with little cherubs.

Toyota have promised to stop make boring cars.

Australian Open organisers are handing out pics of Bernard Tomic’s dad to Melbourne Park security guys in case the old man tries to sneak though the gates.

Paris Hilton’s signed a DJ contract with an Atlantic City casino.

Yep, they were just some of the news headlines hitting yesterday’s papers, websites, TV screens and the good old airwaves.

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, a pig’s smuggled into the Gabba as a baby or a politician dunks his willy into a pint of beer and texts a pic of it to his lover.

As a Journalist you’d think I’d develop some sort of immunity to the more bizarre stories that land on my desk but…nope.

Some stand-outs from today include a granny finding a stack of drugs in her suitcase she hadn’t opened since taking a trip to Australia five years ago, Cairns topping the rankings on Australia’s sexiest city list (awarded by number of sex toys sold), and a warning to parents about having one too many drinks before testing out their kids’ Christmas toys.

On a local level, Thursday’s hot topic for my Grill Team guys was the power of the mo and whether facial hair’s a favourite with the ladies.

A surprising number of callers agree with Aussie fast bowler Mitch Johnson and reckon a beard, goatie or mo (whatever floats your boat) is a winner although I’m siding with Mitch’s wife Jess who seemed pretty relieved to have her clean-shaven hubby back.

Is the mo a no-no? Maybe it’s like tattoos and some guys look smokin’ while it’s a massive fail for others.

Let’s forget facial hair for a sec and talk about a few pressies I scored today! Thanks to my brilliant news buddy Tash, who put in a request to our super hard-working colleague Nicki a.k.a Santa Claus, I’m now strutting around in a stack of new Triple M kit like a boss!


Ok, so my ‘I’m trying to look all newsie and stuff’ pose makes me look like I’m sleeping standing up but…you get the idea. I’m totes rock chick right now, the next step is a blond mullet (already halfway there) and band rehearsals in my non-existent garage.

Oh, and maybe a mo…


Happy sharing!

2014 – the year of laughing till you pee your pants!

Tan’s up to scratch, washing’s done, bags are packed and I’m heading down the M1 to see in 2014 on the Gold Coast.

But before I hit the highway, I’ve time to squeeze in one last post for the year.

Dear 2013,

You sucked.

But despite you dishing out some serious slaps, one of them ending in an ugly scar on my thigh, I learnt more in the last 12 months than ever before. I’m still trying to figure out some of the lessons you served up but in the meantime, here’s what I’ve come away with…

1. Family – they’re most important and love me no-matter what (thank goodness!)
2. Friends – the ones who are still around when I talk rubbish and act like a moron
3. Work – do what I love, work out how to make money from it & back myself
4. Unhappy? Change – talk about it, ask for help, get out of the environment.
5. Be honest – everyone has issues so don’t be embarrassed
6. Say ‘thanks’ and ‘I love you’ more

So while I’m so happy to see the back of you 2013, I’m also grateful for the challenges you threw down as they coughed up some of my greatest lessons.

Now piss off!


Yep, so I’m a LITTLE excited to enter 2014 but forget the resolutions, I’m just going to have a bloody good year filled with a stack of stuff on this list –

1. Be a kid – run in the rain, build a sandcastle, pick my nose (just don’t get caught).

2. Hug and mean it – I’m ditching the soft kiss on the cheek and one second shoulder tap. You’re going to get some serious bear squeezing from me!

3. Work out my shit – Tired? take a nap, Hungry? eat that chocolate, Feel like a vino? have it, Don’t want to run? don’t.

4. Talk more to randoms – don’t be shy, have a convo, ask people how their day’s going and listen properly to their response.

5. Relax and laugh until I pee my pants (or get a stomach cramp).

6. Let up on myself.

So, this isn’t going to be easy. Stuff like No.3 sounds like a piece of cake but if you’re anything like me (annoying, A-type, guilt-driven perfectionist) it’ll take a bit of time to adjust. Um, probs should read No. 6 right now…

I reckon 2014 should be the year of doing what works for you! Hate New Years’ celebrations? Pretend it’s already January 2. Not a fan of resolutions? Don’t make them. Sick of Facebook posts? Delete your account. Like someone? Ask them out. Bored? Sign up for some crazy event or class. Hate work? Quit (or look for something else even if it’s less pay).

You get the idea…change the way you live and you could be surprised just how much you love life.

Happy New Year kids!

Here’s cheers (and a slap to LJ/Ms Bridges/Lululemon)!


It’s the Sunday night after Christmas, although it could be the Wednesday for all I care, and I’m back in Brisbane for the night after a couple of days with the fam on the Gold Coast.

One of Brissie’s famous arvo storms is rolling in…

photo 5

It’s about 50 degrees, my backside’s sticking to the chair and my once icy cold can of diet coke is sitting in a one inch puddle thanks to condensation. Welcome to summer holidays in Queensland!

I’m so full, if I fell over I’d need someone to come around behind me and push me back up. Chocolate, ham, chocolate, wine, chocolate, ice-cream, chocolate, chips. It’s definitely the season to be jolly chubby and why the hell not?!

You see, all year I’ve been reading motivational quotes like “Nothing Tastes as Good as Being Fit Feels” and “A Moment on the Lips is a Lifetimes on the Hips”. That’s great inspiration, if quotes like these work for you, but there are times when I just want to slap (kick, punch, strangle) whoever made them up.

So, for the past three days I’ve said “screw you” to boring breakfasts, exercise and setting alarm clocks and HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the nicer things in life!

photo 1

My family are all for it and are pros when it comes to making the most of the good times which sometimes lead to random shenanigans…

Note to guys (and some girls) – probably don’t go near a razor blade after a few beers.

photo 4

photo 5

Boxing day (the Lucas fam Christmas day for this year) started with the normal stuff like pressies, cracking open drinks and Bing singing White Christmas in the background.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 2

We’d even planned to get stuck into this baby…until ants got there first.

BEFORE the ants!
BEFORE the ants!

Formalities soon gave way to boozy chats including a bit of a goal-setting session for 2014. Mine’s to drink more which shouldn’t be hard for anyone with Lucas blood running through their veins but let’s be honest, I have a bit of ground to make up.

Which brings me back to those annoying quotes and this (click on it if you struggle to read it)…

photo (8)

Maybe just as irritating for some? But it’s not about tights abs, perfect teeth, hot exercise gear or acai berry bowls. It’s about big fat baby kisses…

photo 2

Kicking back and enjoying the view…

photo 1

And doing the best you can (which could include an extra vino or a whole block of Cadbury deliciousness) to be happy.

It looks like I’ll see you at the bar in 2014!*

Happy sharing!

* Please get a water for me
* Drink in moderation kids
* Vodka lime & soda please

I know I’m tired when…

1. I fall asleep on the toilet

2. I can’t say my name

3. I need to set my alarm more than five times eg. 3.00am, 3.05am, 3.10am, 3.15am, 3.17am, 3.20am

4. I drink more than one energy drink and Coke Zero BEFORE 6am

5. I go to bed at night only to wake up, get dressed and head out the door for work before realising it’s only 10pm and I should still be asleep

6. I have a two hour nap in the afternoon and then have no trouble falling asleep at 7pm

7. I get cranky at anyone who looks at me for too long, walks slowly in front of me, asks me to repeat myself or takes my parking spot

8. My vision’s blurry (that could also have something to do with the extreme levels of caffeine and guarana in my system)

9. I really, really, really want to go out at night with friends but the thought of getting ready rivals climbing Everest

10. I put milk in the pantry


So my excitement at setting my alarm on Thursday night was up there with this week’s $70 million dollar Lotto winners as it was the last time I’d be locking in a 3am wake-up call for two whole weeks!

photo (7)

Instead of getting up in the dark to get to the newsroom, I’ll be doing this…


After sharing these with my fam and friends…


That’t not to say I won’t miss work, because I will which is awesome! When we spend most of our lives working, I think we’ve at least got to try to find a job we love doing and how could I NOT get a kick out of sharing the news with you on your commute into the office?!

I also get to hang out in a room with a stack of lovely, interesting, fun, cool peeps who belt out off-key Christmas carols, shake their heads over Miley Cyrus’ latest interview, yell out when Mitch Johnson snares another wicket, take Shurley watch very seriously, pout over petrol prices, and do fist pumps over a weekend forecast of sunshine.

Within the next fortnight we’ll farewell this year and, as crazy as it seems, kick off 2014. That’s up there with the best news I’ve heard for a long time…I have a feeling it’s going to be a cracker!

Happy sharing!

Running with antlers

Being a kid is the coolest thing in the world or it’s at least right up there with marrying Prince William, owning every store on James St in New Farm or creating Facebook.

What’s not to love about being pushed around in a pram, crying in public when you’re tired without copping funny looks, being fed, and running around under a sprinkler naked? Some of you still get amongst the backyard slip ‘n’ slide action which puts you on my ‘fave peeps on the planet’ list.

Also on that list are my pals Nush and Kris who pulled on reindeer antlers, slapped zinc stars onto their arms, tied tinsel around their bike handlebars and belted out some serious ‘Jingle Bells’ with me during this morning’s Raby Bay Triathlon.


Spotted elsewhere on course were two Santas, one (Tim Franklin) flashed his butt on the bike which is the stuff nightmares are made of*.

So why run with antlers? Why run under a sprinkler in the nud? Why play in the mud? Why build sandcastles at the beach? Because it’s ridiculously fun and puts smiles on faces.

Something else making a heap of us grin like muppets this week is the news these two lovers got engaged…


I’m pretty sure the almost 200 Facebook ‘likes’ Claire and Andrew’s announcement’s attracted are a pretty good indication I’m not alone in being so happy for these two gems.

And a quick shout-out to Jarrod and Maz who’ve welcomed gorgeous Maxwell into the world. Yep, it’s been a quiet week for the Tri Alliance gang πŸ˜‰

Happy sharing!

* Love ya Frank!

Rocking Xmas at MMM

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at work and it all started with this message from my colleague Aaron last night.

photo (6)

Thanks to Az’s heads-up, my normal pre-dawn stumble into the Triple M office had a bit of a spring in it this morning.

You see for the past few days boxes crammed with stars, fairy lights, baubles, tinsel and Santas have popped up on desks, behind chairs and along hallways in preparation for festive season decoration domination by the Southern Cross Austereo (that’s Triple M and B105 radio) Brisbane news and research crews.

This is serious business peoples with the winner taking home some mega prizes and, from all reports, my gang have held the title for the past couple of years so I can be forgiven for having high expectations (I ALMOST couldn’t sleep last night).

Let me just confess I did NOTHING to help although I did pick up a candy cane which had fallen from one of the trees. Notice I said ‘one of’, I know, it’s like a forest in there.

I’ll stop talking and let you check it out, starting with a panorama shot…


Ok, now the up close and personals…

photo 4

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5

Are you walking in a winter wonderland yet? If you’ve still got your Scrooge face on, maybe this is for you?


Or…maybe not.

Anyways whilst I’m trying to update you guys on what’s happening in the morning news, with a funny looking squirrel staring at me through the window, I’m not spending time with my Personal Training clients.

photo 3

Sadly, the 4am newsroom starts make me one cranky girl in the afternoons which also means a rubbish personal trainer. It’s not fair to rob my clients of my full commitment and attention as they’re paying for the best and deserve all the support in the world. So, the Personal Training is on hold which has given me reason to reflect. Yep, the good old reflection line. I really don’t like that word – it reminds of school and the teacher asking me to reflect on my behaviour or reflect on the chapter I’ve apparently read. YAWN.

Anyways, I’ll just call it pondering…so here they are…

Five Things I’ve Pondered:

1. Everyone has a health and fitness battle. Sure, they vary big time but that doesn’t mean someone’s goal is less important than another’s.

2. Everyone hurts. If it was easy, the streets would be packed with people running to work.

3. Exercise is a great leveller. Everyone is ugly when they work their butt off (even Lorna Jane models).

4. Results come…but not after two sessions.

5. YOU have to want to do it. I can’t move your body for you, drive you to a session, or be there to confiscate a packet of Tim Tams in the middle of the night. Well, I could be but that’d be weird.

In reflection, I mean, in my pondering…I’ve realised we’re all pretty much the same cool cats trying to make the best of our lives. I’m so grateful to have met my clients, who are also friends, and wish them all a fabulously successful 2014.

This also means my news peeps are now stuck with me for good AND so are you if you tune into 104.5 Triple M.

Happy sharing!

PS. Got to give a little shout out to my tree at home. He’s a beauty!


12 months today…

Twelve months today I’d just returned to Brisbane after watching one of my oldest and best netball friends get hitched to the man of her dreams in her home town of Coffs Harbour.



Meegsy’s a crazy adopted Gold Coast nutbag while Ben’s a country boy turned surfie. I love them to bits and count them both as family, and know from Facey pics (like the one below I stole off Meegs’ profile) they’re currently in Noosa chowing down on leftover wedding cake to celebrate their first year as married lovers.


Meantime, in Brisbane, cake has also been cut and shared for the little guy below who, twelve months today, came into the world way too early.



A whole lot of prayer, kisses, cuddles, tears, yucky nappies, formula, spews, doctor check-ups, Country Road Kid sales, beers (dad), and photos later Henry is blowing out the candle (kind of) on his first birthday train cake.


Henry’s massive grin and perfect health is a reflection of the love my brother Mike and his wife Ames have poured into the little guy.


So, here’s cheers to family, friends, health, happiness and cake!

Happy sharing!

500km of running I’ll NEVER forget

I knew I should have read the email properly.

Friday night saw me jumping in my car from work to travel about 130km south-west to Warwick where my Tri Alliance Queensland teammates were resting up in a motel after Day 1 of the Endeavour Foundation‘s 500km Team Endurance Relay.


I also knew what I’d agreed to be a part of would be a challenge. It’s racking up 500km of running over three days with at least 17 of your teammates so of course it’s no vacation but what I didn’t expect was to be running at time trial pace (sub 4min/km) for every leg.

Let me backtrack to that lesson about learning to read emails thoroughly. A few months ago, I received a quick note from coach Mark Turner who, at the end, had slipped in this line, “Also what do you think about running in the 500km relay for us? You would love it.”

Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha…I’m such a sucker.

Fast forward to 4.45am Saturday morning and I’m lining up opposite the Bunnings in Warwick with about 30 other nutbags for the opening leg of Day 2.


It was to be the first of five efforts I chalked up across the weekend and the start of 36 hours of sweat, dirt, clock-watching, dancing, lollies, coffee, laughs, dancing, cheering, flies, google mapping, high-fives, peeing in cane fields, sunscreen applications, Sizzler, storms, mooning, marriage proposal stories, hills, 36degree temperatures, dirty looks at Turner, BBQ breakfasts, criteriums, bum slapping, vomiting, tight hamstrings, stricken birds, police escorts, dead crows, Powerade, Coke Zero, and Arnold’s classy bus driving skills.

Approximately 350 athletes, from 16 Brisbane and Gold Coast teams, ran from Brisbane on Friday morning, via Toowoomba, to finish in Fernvale on Sunday afternoon with more than $67,000 in the kitty for the Endeavour Foundation.

As pictures apparently tell a thousand words I’ll share just a few of the snaps captured by my Tri Alliance buddy and running teammate Dave Beaton…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The 500km Team Endurance Relay was a rookie attempt for Tri Alliance Queensland and a rarity for a group of triathletes not to have to pack the bikes and swimmers. I love to write but in this case I’m not sure words do justice when describing the quality of the people on my team. Think of the best people in your lives and each of my teammates would share similar traits.


A team is only as strong as its leader and Mark Turner is simply the best. I’ve played sport alongside some very talented athletes and high-achieving characters but would rate Mark’s efforts across the weekend, with and without the running shoes, up there with the greatest.


So enough of the mushy stuff and I’ll leave you with this lesson…read your emails properly.


Here’s my tip – the toughest challenges offer up the greatest satisfaction.

Happy sharing!